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Annual House Staff Research Day

April 21, 2010

Over 100 posters presented!                           


Oral Presentations

Gene Im, MD

Rani Modayil, MD, Steven Geier, MD, Douglas Katz, MD, Cheng Ting Lin, MD, James Grendell, MD

􀂃 Is the Appendix Protective Against Clostridium Difficile Recurrence?

Anna Kezerashvili, MD

Jessica Delaney, MD, Michael J. Schaefer, MD, Gregory Janis, MD, Ricardo Bello,MD, Daniel Spevack, MD, Sanjay Doddamani, MD, Xuan Li, MS, Evelyn Du, PhD,Eran Bellin, MD, Julia Arnsten, MD, Robert J. Ostfeld, MD

􀂃 The Impact of Co-Morbid Peripheral Vascular Disease on Mortality in a Racially Balanced Cohort with Congestive             Heart Failure

Lesly Michel, MD

Siham Accacha, MD

􀂃 Plasma Glycation End Products (AGE) and Their Correlation with Inflammatory Markers in Middle School Age Children

Philip Stapleton, MD

Allison Reiss, MD, Michael Littlefield, BS, Steven Carsons, MD, IrynaVoloshyna, PhD

􀂃 Resveratrol Counters Atherogenic Effects of Celecoxib on Cholesterol Metabolism in THP-1 Human Monocytes/Macrophages

Posters of Distinction Awards

Cindy Bredefeld, DO


        Severe Recurrent Hypoglycemia Following Gastric Bypass Surgery


Nicole Durie, MD, Harry Staszewski,


        Retrospective Review of Colorectal Cancer Specimens in Individuals Less Than Age 50 for Microsatellite Instability Testing and DNA Mismatch Repair Enzyme Expression


Jonathan Klein, MD, Louis Ragolia, PhD, Thomas Palaia, MS, Christopher Hall, BS, Arzu Buyuk, MD                                 Pathology

        Diminished Lipocalin-Type Prostaglandin D2 Synthase Expression in Human Lung Tumors


Ulka Kothari, MBBS, ML Quintos-Alagheband, MD


        Hypertonic Saline (HS) for Treatment of Cerebral Edema in DKA


Entela Pone, MD, Elise Belilos, MD, Bryan Lazzara, MD, Steven Carsons, MD


        PRES in Connective Tissue Disorders (CTD): A Systematic Review of Outcome and Treatment


Christopher Wayock, MD, Jolene Muscat, MD, Genevieve Sicuranza, MD, Daniel Kiefer, MD,

Anthony Vintzileos, MD

Obstetrics & Gynecology

        The NICHD’s Three-Tier Fetal Heart Rate Interpretation System: Does it Predict Neonatal Status at Birth?



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